Brad Pitt Hopes to See Kids Soon and Solve Issues with Jolie

Brad Pitt is hoping to see his children with Angelina Jolie soon and resolve matters with her amicably and privately, a source has told Entertainment Tonight.

Currently, Angelina and their six children are staying in a rental in Malibu, California, where they have been since the news broke of Jolie and Pitt’s split last Tuesday. According to the source, one reason why the couple broke up was due to a difference in priorities. Brad, age 52 and Jolie, age 41 had differences over the fact that Angelina wanted to move away from Hollywood to focus on her activities as the UNHCR Special Envoy, while Brad is still very much interested in making films.

“Every marriage has priorities and they have been able to navigate them up until now.” The source says. “Brad has different priorities. He’s a leading actor with movies coming out. She has her things she wants to do and no one is saying that’s wrong.”

However, Jolie’s travels are apparently a point of tension between the two of them. “Her global ambitions are part of the current problems—I don’t think anyone wants their kids all over the place.” The source adds.

Last week, the source for ET said that despite the fact that Pitt has been taking by surprise by Jolie’s divorce filings, Pitt refuses to badmouth her.

“He will only say positive things about the mother of his children.” The source said. “He has also made it clear to friends to not say anything negative about her. He continues to hope that there is an amicable resolution in the interest of the kids.”

As for the alleged incident that happened on a family flight home from France earlier this month that reportedly prompted Angelina to file for divorce, our source says that it was actually just a normal tiff between Pitt and their 15-year old son, Maddox.

“There was no inappropriate physical contact. Nothing inappropriate happened.” The source said, noting that this was “totally a child-parent disagreement”. And that any reports of inappropriate physical conduct are “exaggerated and untrue.”

While there was an investigation into the alleged incident launched by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services after it was reported anonymously, the case was also referred to the FBI under special aircraft jurisdiction since the incident occurred mid-flight though the FBI is unlikely to launch a further investigation, a source told People magazine on Sunday.

Angelina Jolie has asked for physical custody of their children in her divorce filing, which in addition to Maddox includes 10-year-old Shiloh, 12-year-old Pax, 11-year-old Zahara and 8-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox. The source tells ET however, that Pitt wants to be with his kids and have some custody.

Pitt and Jolie often struggled with issues when it came to agreeing on a parenting style for their children. Another source told ET previously.

“Brad has traditional parenting skills—thinks that kids need structure like bed times, consistent schooling, Angelina’s parenting style is much more freeform. She’s not into setting boundaries.”

About a month before the couple split up, during one of her last public sightings in L.A., Angelina Jolie appeared to be stressed while shopping on her own for children’s toys.

An onlooker saw the actress at Go! Calendars, Games & Toys at the Beverly Center mall in Los Angeles in August, and said that the mother of six tried to go into the store unnoticed.

“She looked very thin and very tired.” The source told People Magazine. “She kept her sunglasses on and kept biting her lip like something was bothering her.”

It appears that Jolie was in the store to buy some things for her children.

“She filled a shopping basket with toys for both boys and girls. She was very quiet, and only said “Thank you’ after she paid.

The last sighting of Pitt and Jolie together before their divorce announcement was in July, when they took Knox and Vivienne out for a birthday breakfast at the Griddle Café in West Hollywood, California.

Pitt and Jolie had a prenuptial agreement and the terms seem to be pretty straight forward. Sources who are close to the couple say that the prenup is ironclad and states the details of their combined fortune which is reported to be worth $400 million.

Angelina and Brad have 12 total properties together, all of which they bought either before they were married or before they were dating. 7 of those belong to Brad, 2 to Angelina and 3 of which they bought together prior to getting married in 2014.

Instead of their personal property being the main issue of the divorce, it seems that the custody of their children will be the main concern if they do go through with ending their marriage.