Leah Remini’s Tips for Stress Relief

Leah Remini is an actress, author and a busy mom. She recently did a cover story with First magazine and revealed her wellness strategies that helped lead her to a brand new life filled with health and happiness.

Remini, known best for her various TV roles including playing opposite Kevin James on The King of Queens, is enjoying a brand new lease on life. After she decided to leave the Church of Scientology in 2013, she has taken part in several new opportunities that has helped to expand her horizons.

“The church was so much a part of my life—it was 2.5 hours a day, minimum 7 days a week—so now I’m finding ways to fill that void with things that I truly enjoy.” She shared. “It’s been a blessing to find out who I really am.”

The change has allowed her to deepen her bonds with her family and gain a wealth of knowledge. “I was unable to read other books, I was unable to learn other philosophies and ways of thinking.” She says. “So I’m doing some reading. You wouldn’t believe all the books I have. I have 10 books going on right now.”

Leah has also taken the time to write her own memoir Troublemaker that is available to purchase via Kindle, Nook or in paperback form.

Here are a few wellness tips that Leah now uses and decided to share with First magazine.

Spend Some Quiet Time by Yourself

“I’m pretty busy in my mind, It’s hard for me to turn my mind off,” says Leah, who relies on a few simple relaxation strategies to silence the worries. “I’ll make a point to go outside just to take a moment to breathe and try to get into a positive mind-set. Or I’ll relax in my bathroom and put some music on because it’s my private little space. Sometimes I’ll burn a candle just to feel a connection. It doesn’t matter what kind it is. It actually makes me stop and think that I’m putting something positive out there—that I’m breathing for a moment and that I’m connecting up with something.”

Make Creative “Me Time” to Soothe Stress

“I love to be creative, I know that sounds airy and flighty but I will literally decorate a friend’s house just for fun.” Laughs Remini of how she unwinds when life gets hectic “I’ll decorate a dressing room for someone over at Dancing with the Stars. Right now I’m redoing a bathroom in my mom’s house. I just decorated my friend’s outdoor space and my mom said “Okay, Leah I’ll let you do my house.” So she’s allowing me to do one room—her bathroom. That’s just something I like to do.”

Let Go of Negativity by Fostering Joy

“My therapist recently gave me a beautiful book called Handwriting Happiness by Rick Hanson Ph.D. “It’s really a book about how you think your thoughts and how you can restructure your brain to think in a positive way. I’m a very negative thinker—I wake up and have to really force myself to think positively. I usually think of what I’ve done and what I’m disappointed in myself about. But those thoughts become who you are. You have to really train your brain to see the positive.”

Melt Away Belly Flab with a Workout You Enjoy

“I don’t really love to exercise.” The 46-year-old actress explains. “I don’t wake up and say, ‘Oh, I love it’ I just love the effects of it. I’ll do a Zumba class, I love music, so it’s a fun exercise.”

Researchers at Cornell University have found that there are benefits to upbeat music and having fun during workouts. During their study they learned that dieters who did an exercise that they enjoyed, ate 124% percent less afterward than dieters who did a traditional or non-fun workout.

Leah is no stranger to weight loss struggles. “I was 30 pounds heavier when I was doing Dancing with the Stars two years ago.”  She said. “I really did not feel good about myself. I was sweating by the time I had to go out because I had tried o 50 pairs of pants. Nothing fit.”

To get the weight off, Leah turned to Dr. Cohen’s First Personal Diet. “It’s based upon your blood work—it’s very individual,” she says. The blood tests for the diet plan start at $249. “My diet is geared toward what is good for me, a lot of protein, taking out the carbs and no Oreos. It’s supposed to reset your metabolism, and it worked for me.”