The End is Near for The Vampire Diaries, But There is Good News on the Horizon

It may be the end for the Salvatore Brothers but the CW has also released the Mid-Season premiere dates for several other beloved shows, including the Vampire Diaries’ spin-off The Originals, which will air just one week after the series finale of TVD. That should at least give fans something to look forward to once the characters from Mystic Falls say goodbye for good.

Now that the show is four episodes into its last season, The Vampire Diaries recently revealed that Caroline and Alaric’s mysterious nanny Seline — more commonly referred to as “the hot nanny” — is the (even more) sinister sister of siren Sybil. The series also bid farewell to Tyler Lockwood, who met his untimely end at the hands fangs of a spellbound Damon.

As the brother of Tyler’s killer and Tyler’s ex-girlfriend, Stefan and Caroline react to the news of his death completely differently. In this exclusive video, Stefan, clearly frustrated by his inability to save Tyler or Damon, breaks a glass in anger, to which Caroline reminds him that acting out won’t bring Tyler back.

Defeated, Stefan tells Caroline, “I’m at a loss with Damon. I don’t know what to do with him anymore.”

“Maybe the best thing to do is to mourn Tyler with your friends,” Caroline suggests. “We all owe him that.”

Will Tyler’s murder be the final straw for Stefan and Caroline, who have forgiven Damon for countless indiscretions and murders in the past? You’ll have to tune into The Vampire Diaries this Friday (8/7c, the CW) to find out!

The Vampire Diaries is scheduled to air its final episode on Friday, March 10 2017 at 8/7c. The following week, The Originals will return to the schedule in TVD’s time slot.

Will Elena Gilbert Return for the Finale?

It has been confirmed that Nina Dobrev will make a comeback o n the show. However, she may not be returning as Elena Gilbert.

Dobrev left TVD after Season 6, but as many fans of the show recall, in the last episode of Season 7 it was shown how Damon was lured into the vault after hearing Elena’s voice. This made many fans believe that the actress would return, but not as her original character.

Kat Graham, who plays Bonnie Bennett on the show, recently told E! News teased about a new female illain that is going to be featured in Season 8.

“The villain, as of right now, is this amazing female badass. It’s going to be good.” She teased.

The Shake-Up in Schedules for Most CW Shows

It was a shock to some fans who were looking forward to watching The Originals this fall, only to find out that there wasn’t an October premiere date. Many assumed that the show had been cancelled. But it turned out that the CW had decided to move the Vampire show based in New Orleans up to the Mid-Season premiere schedule. And with the show premiering just a few days after the end of The Vampire Diaries, fans will not have to go through vampire withdrawals very long. There seems to be a silver lining to the bad news after all.

Also, moving to Friday nights is the royal drama Reign that will replace Crazy Ex-Girlfriend starting on February 10, 2017.

The popular Thursday night lineup for the channel will also see a shake-up once the Mid-Season premiers are underway. Starting on Tuesday January 24, 2017, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will move to its new home following The Flash. Meanwhile, the long-time favorite Supernatural will  move an hour earlier to 8/7c starting on Thursday, January 26, 2017.

The brand new drama Riverdale which is based on the Archie comics series will follow Supernatural on Thursday, January 26 at 9/8c. The long awaited fourth season of The 100 will make its debut on Wednesday, February 1, at 9/8c after Arrow, replacing Frequency. And iZombie will start its third season on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 with a two-hour premiere before it moves to 9/8c the following week.

Here is a complete list of the CW’s Mid-Season Premiere & Finale Dates…



9pm: No Tomorrow season 1 finale



9pm: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow moves to a new night



9pm: Frequency season 1 finale



8pm: Supernatural moves to a new time

9pm: Riverdale series premiere



9pm: The 100 season 4 premiere



9pm: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 2 finale



9pm: Reign season 4 premiere



8pm: The Vampire Diaries series finale



8pm: The Originals season 4 premiere



9pm: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 2 finale



8pm: iZombie season 3 premiere (two hours, moves to 9pm starting April 11)