There’s Going to Be a Show About Boybands That Is NOT a Reality Show



Hold on to your Tiger Beat centerfolds, there is news in the realm of 80’s and 90’s era boybands that could actually be good.

No, it’s not an *NSYNC reunion tour, really, we should just give up on that. Let it go.

Fans of New Kids on the Block and 98 Degrees will be excited to find out that Donnie Wahlberg and Nick Lachey are teaming up to create a boy band sitcom.

Scripted Comedy Will Focus on Life After the Fame and Fortune Lifestyle

The show will be a scripted comedy series about a boyband that reunites after 20 years apart. The singers who have had plenty of reality show experience on their own, will be teaming up to produce the show.

Doug Ellin, the creator of Entourage has written the script for the pilot episode of the show tentatively titled Encore. The show is a result of a conversation that Wahlberg and Lachey had about how their lives have changed between the height of their music careers and today, where they are balancing band reunions with their personal lives and being parents, according to a report in Variety.

Reunions, Tours and TV Shows

This is not the first time that the singers have worked together. Lachey and Wahlberg along with their bands and Boyz II Men were all a part of the 2013 The Package tour that was a great hit with fans of all three groups who were popular decades ago.

Encore has been picked up by CBS, the same network that airs the cop drama Blue Bloods that Wahlberg stars in. Wahlberg is also the executive producer of another CBS show, Rock This Boat, a reality series about obsessive NKOTB fans, which airs on CBS’s Pop TV network.

Even More Boyband TV Show Goodness Is on The Horizon

The show is actually the second boyband based scripted TV series to be in development at the moment. Zayn Malik’s drama Boys, that is produced by the former One Direction singer and Law & Order producer Dick Wolf is expected to be a hit. The series will be based on Malik’s experiences while Malik was a part of the popular British group.

Ellin previously teamed up with another Wahlberg brother, Mark, on the long-running HBO series Entourage, which was a fictional take on the actor’s experiences in Hollywood.

Another NKOTB Member Hitting the Small Screen

Joey McIntyre, Wahlberg’s bandmate from NKOTB is also starting up a comedy series for the Pop TV network. Walhberg and his wife, Jenny McCarthy are expected to help bring the series to life. The Joey Mac Project will be an eight-episode comedy series. The show is expected to premiere on Pop in 2017, It is produced by T Group Productions and executive produced by Donnie Wahlberg, Jenny McCarthy, Joey McIntyre, Jenny Daly, Paul Greenberg and Tim Gibbons.

According to a Pop Network statement, the cast members for The Joey Mac Project will include…

Adam Ray (“Mad TV,” “The Heat,” “Workaholics,” “Ghostbusters,” About Last Night Podcast) plays Alex, Joey’s longtime manager and confidant whose poor impulse control and short-term ideas have led to a successful codependent relationship with Joey, who is always looking for the next job.

Comedy veteran Jamie Denbo (“Orange Is the New Black,” “Yes Man,” “Spy”) has been cast as Sam Kandor, a former broadcast network president, who after an epic breakdown has adopted a more balanced lifestyle full of incense, yoga and a new gig at The Comfy Channel.

Katie Wee (“New Girl,” “Rules of Engagement,” “The Client List”) is playing Paige Kwan, the perky, ultra-driven VP of Development at The Comfy Channel who often oversteps when it comes to the production of Joey’s show.

Punam Patel (“Kevin from Work,” “Toast”) has been cast as Soozie, the long-suffering assistant to Sam and overly obsessive fan of New Kids on the Block.

Jordan Black (“Community,” “The Mindy Project,” “How I Met Your Mother”) plays Malcolm, a joyless executive at The Comfy Channel who keeps a tight watch over the show and Sam’s over-the-top ideas.

The Roof, the roof the roof is on Fi-ya!!

With so many boyband-related shows coming to TV and all the reunion tours bringing in major cash as they sell out all over the country, could the reign of the boybands be making a comeback? The fans who grew up listening to bands such as New Kids on the Block, the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, 98 Degrees, OTown, 5ive and others would love to see a resurrection of the fun, pop dance music and smooth ballads that echoed on our CD boom boxes back in the day. But we would also be okay with a resurgence of boybands on TV as well.

There is no news yet on who will actually be starring in the sitcom, if it will be Lachey and Wahlberg themselves or if they will cast actors to play the role of the boyband members. If the show follows the style of HBO’s Entourage, then we may actually get to see some awesome cameos as well.