What It’s Like to Work as a Dating App Employee

Dating apps have changed the way that single people meet up and form a relationship. It is easier to use them than trying to go at it all on your own and they can be much safer than those sketchy late night phone lines. These fun and easy-to-use apps that you can access have helped to change online dating forever. Apps such as Bumble, allow women to make the first move and start up the conversation, which makes it easier for many men who have trouble coming up with a conversation starter. The popular app now offers other exclusive features such as friend making and soon, you will even be able to start career networking using the smartphone program.

While these apps have helped hundreds of people start long-lasting relationships, have you ever stopped to wonder what it is like for those who work behind the scenes and come up with the innovative and sometimes unusual features for these apps? Here are a few insider tips on what it’s like to be in charge of a popular dating app.

You Have to Provide Everyone with Advice

When you work for a dating service application, and all your friends and family members know that, they are aware that you are always working with relationships. That makes them believe that you know a little more about relationships than the average person and that you can provide them with helpful advice on how to approach someone you like or how to set the mood for the perfect date. It is similar to the relationship that a hairdresser has with their clients. The beautician gets to hear all the stories that a therapist would get paid to hear and they are compelled to provide their client with some form of advice, which may or may not be helpful. People who work for dating apps are constantly having to hear about breakups and relationship issues and their friends think that their “dating expert” buddy can help to solve all their problems.

You Get a First Hand Look at What Works & What Doesn’t

Working for a dating app allows you to see which techniques work and which definitely do not. You notice how some people come off as being way too forward and end up getting denied continuously. And you also see how a good sense of humor, politeness and an interesting start to a bio can help a person get plenty of attention. If you are on a dating app and need some help getting attention from other users, you should create a memorable bio that will help others start a conversation with you easily.

You Learn Which Profile Pics Work the Best

We all have those Facebook friends who take selfies constantly and upload them online. Selfies of them getting ready to go out, selfies of them eating dinner, selfies of them taking their cat to the vet…it gets annoying. The experts suggest that you should try using a profile picture that shows more of your personality instead. Candid photos that show you with your friends or even family members will help to show what type of person you truly are.

You Learn the Best Way to Use a Dating App

If you work as a dating app representative, you get to see a lot of mishaps and mistakes from users along the way. One important thing to remember when using this type of application is to always be yourself. You should be open and honest with the other individual, so that even if you do not end up in a romantic relationship, you may still make a friend along the way which could lead to something more in the future (or they could introduce you to a friend of theirs who they think would be a great match). It never hurts to make a good friend or two on the path to finding your one true love.

Get the First Date Questions Out of the Way

While chatting it up on the app, you can get those awkward first date questions out of the way so that you do not have to face them when you meet in person. This allows your first date to actually feel more like a second date since you already know so much about the person. Also take the time to talk using the app for as long as possible so that you can really get to know them before the meeting. And, for added safety, always arrange the first meeting in a public place.